A Bible Study Wordbook for Kids

by Richard Todd (Author)Richard E. Todd (Author)


"Baptism: A Bible Study Wordbook for Kids "is a great introduction for children on this important, beloved sacrament.

Ideal as an aide to parents, Sunday school teachers, and children's ministry directors, this book teaches children a number of lessons concerning baptism, such as:

  • Why we get baptized (to show others we have joined God's family)
  • How someone is baptized, and who may baptize them
  • How to use baptism as an opportunity to share the faith with others

But most importantly, this wordbook presents children with the question of whether or not they are in fact ready to be baptized.

Designed especially for kids in grades 2-5, activities include a crossword puzzle, word search, coloring page, quiz, and "Certificate of Spiritual Birth." These activities, paired with engaging illustrations and simple explanations, will help your children truly understand the gift of baptism.

* This book is part of "The Children s Wordbook "series, by Richard Todd, and is most beneficial when used alongside the wordbooks, which cover "salvation," "baptism," "communion," "giving," and "church." They are great resources for parents and teachers who want to teach children of these fundamental Christian doctrines. "


Richard Todd, Author

Richard E. Todd, Author

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