Battlefield of the Mind for Teens

Winning the Battle in Your Mind



An updated edition of BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND FOR TEENS, based on Joyce Meyer's most popular book of all time, takes on relevant issues and offers powerful spiritual reinforcement.
Ninety-nine percent of high-school students suffer from stress. Not only school stress, teens are faced with new dangers of the online world, pressure from media, and more access than ever before to news of troubling world events and the economic struggle their generation may face in adulthood.
In this newly revised edition, Joyce Meyer offers hope and healthy perspective for teens. They will learn how to draw upon God's wisdom and love for them to overcome the stress, fear, and negative thoughts they experience. God will help teens win the battles of their minds and their lives. And when they uncover His amazing plan for them, the future can only look bright.


Joyce Meyer, Author

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Todd Hafer, Author

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