Being Human in God's World

An Old Testament Theology of Humanity

by GORDON MCCONVILLE (Author)J. Gordon McConville (Author)
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"What might the Old Testament teach us about being human in community with God, other humans, and the world today? Gordon McConville expertly leads the reader in an engaging theological journey through the Old Testament to answer that question. He offers intelligently argued and biblically grounded understandings of a broad range of topics: human transformation, spirituality, community, health, ecology, knowledge, emotion, language, politics, sexuality, work, and creativity. A spiritual feast of Old Testament insight into what it means to be human that takes seriously both the Bible and our twenty-first-century contexts."
--Dennis Olson, Princeton Theological Seminary

"McConville offers a richly textured account of our humanity as the Hebrew Bible portrays it. His 'spiritual' reading is both scholarly and engaging for a diverse audience, as he explores variously the material, political, gendered and sexual, as well as prayerful dimensions of human living 'in the image of God.'"
--Ellen F. Davis, Duke Divinity School

"What does it mean to be human? Gordon McConville explores God's revelation in the Old Testament in response to this question. With insight and profundity, he illuminates our understanding, but more importantly he shows how the Old Testament invites us to spiritual transformation centered on worship. I recommend this book to all who want to understand themselves better and to grow as human beings created in the image of God."
--Tremper Longman III, Westmont College

"I am grateful to Gordon McConville for this profoundly nuanced study of the Old Testament's embodied vision of being human. McConville's short, lucid chapters display wide acquaintance with a range of biblical scholarship and contemporary issues yet are characterized by attunement to the transformation of the reader. This is a book to be savored."
--J. Richard Middleton, Northeastern Seminary

"Gordon McConville has written a superb study of various anthropological issues raised in the Old Testament. Ranging widely across the text, his work provides a clear and stimulating exploration of a very important theological topic in ways that are historically and literarily sensitive. This volume will certainly be a significant resource for biblical and theological studies for the next generation."
--Terence E. Fretheim, Luther Seminary



J. Gordon McConville, Author

J. Gordon McConville (PhD, Queen's University, Belfast) is professor of Old Testament theology at the University of Gloucestershire, where he has taught for more than twenty years. Prior to coming to Gloucestershire, he held positions at Tyndale House, Trinity College Bristol, and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University. He has authored or edited many books, including the Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets and commentaries on Deuteronomy, Joshua, 1 and 2 Chronicles, and Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. McConville is the general editor of the Exploring the Old Testament series and coauthored the Prophets and Historical Books volumes in the series.

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