Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, and Revolution

by John Howard Yoder (Author)Theodore J. Koontz (Editor)Andy Alexis-Baker (Editor)
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John Howard Yoder was one of the most important thinkers on just war and pacifism in the late twentieth century. This collection of Yoder's lectures and writings on these issues describes, analyzes, and evaluates various patterns of thought and practice in Western Christian history. The volume, now made widely available for the first time, makes Yoder's stimulating insights more accessible to a broader audience and substantially contributes to ongoing discussions concerning the history, theology, and ethics of war and peace. Theologians and ethicists, students of Yoder's thought, and all readers seeking a better understanding of war and Christian pacifism will value this work.

"Yoder's Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, and Revolution is not only essential for understanding Yoder's position, it is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned with the ethics of war and peace. Thank God it is finally in print."--Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity School

"Many of us are so uprooted, so mobile, so dissatisfied with the church where we might belong, that we sense ourselves not knowing what tradition we belong in. John Howard Yoder includes our diverse traditions with fairness. He was a theological ethicist trained in the history of church traditions, at Goshen, Basel, Notre Dame, and world ecumenical dialogues, using five different languages. Here he traces diverse dimensions of church tradition. I can find myself here, in a tradition of church renewal through discipleship, not dualistic but engaged--faithful and effective--with Christ as Lord. I pray that you can too. We are too confused now and want to know where we belong; John gives us belonging with a tradition among diverse traditions."--Glen Stassen, Fuller Seminary


John Howard Yoder, Author

John Howard Yoder (1927-1997; ThD, University of Basel) taught at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary and was later professor of theology and ethics at the University of Notre Dame. He is known especially for his influential book The Politics of Jesus.

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Theodore J. Koontz, Editor

Theodore J. Koontz (PhD, Harvard University) is professor of ethics and peace studies at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana.

Andy Alexis-Baker, Editor

Andy Alexis-Baker is a graduate of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He is currently an adjunct professor of peace, justice, and conflict studies at Goshen College.