Collected Sermons of Smith Wigglesworth, Volume I



Collected Sermons of Smith Wigglesworth Volume I is comprised of 15 sermons given during the early half of the 20th century. Covering subjects from Our Calling and The Power of Christ's Resurrection to Preparation for the Second Coming and Great Grace Upon the Church the impact of Wigglesworth is felt as much today as the day he delivered these words. He brought many thousands to Christ in his lifetime and more still are coming on his teachings. Smith Wigglesworth was a British evangelist instrumental in the early history of Pentecostalism. Wigglesworth believed that healing came through faith and practiced anointing with oil. Wigglesworth said he had made a commitment to God that he would not sleep at night before he had won a soul for Christ every day. He claimed that on one occasion he could not sleep because he had not met this commitment, and that he went out into the night and met an alcoholic to whom he spoke and persuaded to become a believer.


Smith Wigglesworth, Author

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