Confronting the New Age



The first book to tell you how to confront the New Age The threat is growing. So not only do we need to understand the New Age, we need to stem the tide of this growing religious movement. Here's the first book that tells how. You'll find all you need to know for: - Witnessing to New Age adherents - Identifying New Age influences in business seminars - Exposing New Age curriculum in our public schools - Discerning New Age influences in pop psychology, biofeedback therapy, visualization, and New Age music This book takes you a step beyond other books with its practical advice and sound suggestions. ""This is an important book, the first of its kind."" - Walter Martin, author of Kingdom of the Cults ""This book is urgently needed."" - Gordon R. Lewis, Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Denver Seminary ""A required handbook for the combatant."" - Moody Monthly Doug Groothuis, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Religion and Ethics at Denver Seminary and is a well known speaker and writer on the New Age movement. He has authored four other books, including Unmasking the New Age, Christianity That Counts, and Deceived by the Light.


Douglas R. Groothuis, Author

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Doug Groothuis, Author

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