Dealing with Demons



The church is in the world to continue Jesus' ministry. But it has forgotten an important part--dealing with enemy spirits. And Satan runs freely in our world with few Christian leaders knowing how to stop him. Dealing With Demons presents Kraft's way of dealing with Satan's army, whose aim is to destroy God's forces. Are demons for real?, he asks. ""Yes,"" he answers, ""and they are very active."" With personal experience setting free hundreds of people from hundreds of demons who left without a fight, Kraft presents his approach through inner healing. This he hopes will help readers, who have been afraid to deal with demons, to go confidently into battle with them, in the authority we have in Jesus, to set captives free. ""I team-taught a spiritual warfare course for over twenty years. For most of those years our students were blessed to have Chuck Kraft teach one of the sessions. I wish this book had been available during those years. This volume encapsulates many years of practical wisdom Chuck has acquired in ministry to hundreds of individuals. In its pages, Chuck presents the model that he has found effective in helping people find freedom from demonic affliction."" --Clinton E. Arnold, Dean and Professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University Charles H. Kraft has written more than thirty-five books, several on spiritual warfare. He is professor emeritus at Fuller Seminary after forty-one years of teaching there.


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