Decision Making by the Book

How to Choose Wisely in an Age of Options



How to choose wisely in an age of options. You probably handle life's routine decisions without a second thought. What to have for breakfast. What to wear to work. What to fix for dinner. Whether to read a book or watch TV.

But the decision making doesn't stop there. Regularly you're faced with larger decisions that confront and confuse--crucial choices which, once made, turn around and reshape you. It starts with questions about college and career and marriage, and continues through life with questions about job changes and how many kids and whether or not to go through with the surgery.

Sure, Christians know--or are supposed to know--good from evil. But how do you decide among one or more non-sinful options? Can you really hope to discover God's perfect will and avoid going down the less-than-perfect paths? or does it even matter in the long run?

Haddon Robinson has struggled with tough choices, too. And out of years of spiritual leadership, study, and experience he gives you biblical principles that hold true no matter now difficult the issue you may face. These scriptural guidelines will help you make decisions "by the book."

What readers are saying:

"Thank you for writing your book on making decisions by the book--I have read it three times and bought copies for my teenage children. I plan to buy more copies to give to others. The text is very practical, slays a lot of myths in our Christian subcultural thinking, and it is an easy read. I wish I had found this book many years ago!" -R.D., Houston, TX


Haddon W. Robinson, Author

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Haddon Robinson, Author

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Haddon W. Robinson is a well-known speaker and for many years was a featured teacher on the Discover the Word daily radio program. Regarded as one of the greatest preachers of the twentieth century, Dr Robinson is the Harold John Ockenga Distinquished Professor Emeritus of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the author of many books, including What Jesus Said about Successful Living and Decision-Making by the Book.

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