A Story of Anorexia

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"This morning I feel rested-ready to face the day... I will beat this thing."

Millions of girls struggle with eating disorders. And most American women are unhappy with their bodies. Christie Pettit was one of them. Christie started college as a healthy, competitive athlete. But soon her perfectionism drove her to take fitness to the extreme. As she became more and more obsessed with what she ate and how much she exercised, thoughts about food and working out controlled her mind, her habits, and even her relationships. Christie was finally forced to admit that she was losing her battle with her own body. She was starving-but she didn't know it.

Empty recounts Christie's story through her personal journals, showing you how she turned to the Bible and counseling to find the strength and encouragement to overcome anorexia.

If you or someone you know might be struggling with anorexia, you'll find hope and great advice in Empty.

Christie Pettit is a teen counselor specializing in eating disorder recovery. She enjoys traveling with family and loves outdoor adventures-hiking, biking, river rafting, backpacking, snow skiing, fly fishing, golf, tennis, snorkeling, water skiing, you name it! Christie lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


Christie Pettit, Author

Christie Pettit currently works as a counselor of teens, with a specialization in eating disorder recovery. She speaks to groups such as Athletes in Action and writes for publications, including Today's Christian Woman, The Upper Room, and Sports Spectrum. She is also the managing editor of Conversations: A Forum for Authentic Transformation. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Emory University, and the Psychological Studies Institute, Christie lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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