Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation

The Mediation of the Gospel through Church and Scripture

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"Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation possesses all of the qualities that readers have come to expect from the work of one of the liveliest contemporary theologians: wide historical learning, theological discrimination, clarity of thought, and spiritual vigor."
--John Webster, St. Mary's College, University of St. Andrews

"Revelation first arrives as our liturgical response to it. By articulating so well this paradox, Matthew Levering undercuts sterile arguments as to the respective weight to be given to revelation or tradition, pure doctrine or cultural mediation in Christian theology. The 'liturgical turn' suggests rather that tradition and mediation were strangely there from the very outset. Since God is not just another creature speaking to us but the transcendent Creator of all things and all utterances, he can only be heard through our invocation and replies, if we take these as participations in the Trinitarian Word that belongs to God himself and the Trinitarian Spirit of his own eternal self-interpretation. Levering both articulates and performs in writing this liturgical reality."
--John Milbank, Centre of Theology, University of Nottingham

"This book is an extended argument against the thesis of the 'ecclesiastical fall,' according to which the pristine revelation offered in Jesus Christ has been distorted by an all-too-human church incapable of bearing it. Levering's trenchant observation is that such a thesis amounts to a rejection of the missions of both the Son and the Holy Spirit. Anyone interested in the issues of revelation, inspiration, ecclesiology, biblical hermeneutics, and Trinitarian theology ought to read this searching, thoroughly researched, and beautifully written study."
--Fr. Robert Barron, Mundelein Seminary, University of St. Mary of the Lake; author of Catholicism and The Priority of Christ

"Taking his starting point in the missions of the Son and the Spirit, Levering presents a powerful and consistent case for the faithfulness of the mediation of divine revelation in Scripture and the church. It is a testimony to Levering's theological depth and gentle spirit that he manages to combine his staunch opposition to any and all ecclesial fall narratives with an irenic treatment of the many evangelical theologians with whom he interacts, and whose views on revelation positively enter into his own understanding of God's faithfulness in divine revelation."
--Hans Boersma, Regent College

"How does the Word of God come to us? What communicates divine revelation? With his usual command of the sources, balanced judgment, and lucid style, Matthew Levering explains the rich and multifaceted way in which God reveals himself to us in Scripture as sustained and interpreted by the church--and through the church as illumined and inspired by Scripture."
--R. R. Reno, Editor, First Things


Matthew Levering, Author

Matthew Levering (PhD, Boston College) is the James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology at Mundelein Seminary, University of Saint Mary of the Lake, in Mundelein, Illinois. He previously taught at the University of Dayton. Levering is the author of numerous books, including Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation, Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Proofs of God, The Theology of Augustine, and Ezra & Nehemiah in the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible series. He serves as coeditor of the journals Nova et Vetera and the International Journal of Systematic Theology and has served as chair of the board of the Academy of Catholic Theology since 2007.

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