Examples and Principles of Psychology in the Bible



The Bible contains instances, examples, and ideas of principles that can be found in modern psychology books. In fact, many of these principles that psychology has discovered could already be found in Scripture. This should not be considered unusual, since the Bible also contains economic and scientific principles, as well as principles from other disciplines in life. This book, however, is not about psychology based on the Bible or how the Bible is a type of psychology book. It is not about how to be a better counselor, psychotherapist, or psychologist by using Scripture, nor is it a guide on how to use psychology in everyday life from a biblical perspective. This book is not a commentary on the values of psychology through the eyes of the Scripture, nor is it an evaluation of the Scripture through the eyes of psychology. It is not a theology book, nor is it a criticism of psychology. It is simply an account of modern principles of psychology contained in Scripture.


Dennis Farrell, Author

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