Fantastic World - The Odyssey of the Tiny Pirate



This 5-week curriculum helps children understand from a Biblical perspective what it means to be responsible, accept others, show respect, and be a good friend. The Fantastic World's zany brothers, Bill and Charles Peterson, are back in four brand new adventures. The madcap antics begin when Bill has trouble accepting Charles new friend, Tiny Pirate. Next, Charles learns what it means to be responsible after he forgets to do his chores. Finally, The Fantastic World gang bands together to help Tiny Pirate save his ship from the mischievous Heeby Jeeby. This curriculum package contains everything teachers need to lead their children through the 5-week faith formation experience. Included in the 2-disc set are the large-group videos, large-group scripts, small-group lessons, promotional trailers, as well as materials to promote the program within your church.


Abingdon Press, Author

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