Glory Happening

Finding the Divine in Everyday Places

by Kaitlin B. Curtice (Author)KAITLIN CURTICE (Author)


When you have an experience and tell the story of that experience to someone, something sacred happens inside of you. That experience doesn't have to be an extravagant moment, but it can be beautiful, nonetheless. And as you store up all those stories and share them, you grow your world's boundaries. You build community and remind yourself that every moment of your life counts for something holy, good, and glorious.
The search for glory will bring freedom and a fresh perspective to whatever season you happen to find yourself in. Glory Happening is a book of stories and prayers that remind you to take a closer look at your everyday circumstances, to find the magical beauty in everyday experiences. It is an invitation to live deeply into every moment with the expectation that something good will find you at the end of the day. And once you experience glory, you have words to speak, a prayer to pray, and a story to tell. And so glory grows from person to person, and community is created around the reality that God is truly in our midst.


Kaitlin B. Curtice, Author

Curtice, Kaitlin B.: - Kaitlin Curtice has been writing stories since she was young and continues writing today from her Atlanta apartment or the coffee shop around the corner where she spends her Saturday mornings drinking vanilla lattes. Kaitlin is a contributor to Sojourners. She is married to Travis and has two boys and an old husky named Sam.

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