God in the Gallery

A Christian Embrace of Modern Art

by DANIEL SIEDELL (Author)Daniel A. Siedell (Author)Robert Johnston (Editor)William Dyrness (Editor)
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Is contemporary art a friend or foe of Christianity? In God in the Gallery art historian, critic, and curator Daniel Siedell constructs a framework for interpreting modern art from a Christian worldview. He contends that art is not antithetical or hostile to Christianity but is in resonant dialogue with it. Siedell also examines the function of art criticism and the role of visual art in Christian worship and experience.

"Dan Siedell is an exceptionally thoughtful and articulate observer of the very difficult intersection of religious belief and contemporary art. The book is full of unexpected and promising confluences. Here a reader will find the principal secular theorists of modernism, but this book is also 'nourished by Nicene Christianity' and informed by a wonderful range of authors, from Florensky, Levinas, and Wyschogrod to Seerveld, Wolterstorff, Walford, and Dyrness. This is a tremendous book, a genuine effort at dialogue in an arena marked by the near-complete absence of open exchange."--James Elkins, E. C. Chadbourne Chair in the Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

"God in the Gallery is a seminal work of interpretation, a guide for skeptics and faithful alike, in which Siedell offers a most profound, encouraging survey of contemporary art. An Emmaus Road encounter for those traveling on the path of contemporary art, Siedell's careful and loving attention paid to known and unknown artists will surely open our eyes. A must read for all of us laboring in the art world and in the arts academia."--Makoto Fujimura, artist; founder/creative director, International Arts Movement

"Daniel Siedell's passionate appreciation for common grace is apparent on every page of God in the Gallery. This is a book that should be widely read not only for its penetrating account of the contemporary art world but also for its larger understanding of Christ and culture."--John Wilson, editor, Books & Culture



Daniel A. Siedell, Author

Daniel A. Siedell (PhD, University of Iowa) is presidential scholar and art historian in residence at The King's College in New York City. He is also visiting professor of Christianity and culture at Knox Theological Seminary. Siedell previously was scholar in residence at the New City Arts Initiative in Charlottesville, Virginia, and served at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prior to that, he taught at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and was curator of the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Siedell has published numerous articles in Christian Scholar's Review, Studies in Religious Perspectives, and various other journals.

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Robert Johnston, Editor

William Dyrness, Editor