Grounded - Teen Bible Study Book

Wisdom for Real Life from Proverbs and James



"Who among you is wise and understanding?" --James 3:13

We live in an age of information. At the touch of a button we can access a world of information on nearly any given topic. While there are certainly advantages to this, the fact remains that having lots of information isn't the same as having wisdom. Sure, we may be able to write a research paper for school more easily and even self-diagnose a health issue, but that doesn't mean we know how to live wisely.

Ultimately, wisdom isn't about knowing something, but knowing someone--Jesus--and how He transforms our hearts and helps us to live and act wisely before others.

Grounded is an eight-session Bible study designed to guide students to a holistic understanding of biblical wisdom. Building on themes in Proverbs such as wise counsel, the heart, relationships, actions and attitudes, work, money, and the power of words, each session is supported through practical application found in the Book of James. Throughout the study, authors Clayton and Sharie King uncover not only what the Bible has to say, but practical advice on how to live wisely in each of these areas.


  • Interactive weekly teaching videos -- available with the purchase of a Leader Kit
  • Leader guide helps to facilitate discussion with small groups (located at the back of each Bible study book)
  • Personal study segments to complete between group sessions
  • 8 group sessions, 8 weeks of homework
  • Also included: Thirty days of devotional material are included in the back of the book to help students continue the practice of daily Scripture reading after they have completed the group Bible study.


  • Provides an in-depth study of two books of the Bible.
  • Students will understand the importance of applying biblical wisdom to decisions they make every day.
  • Guides students in the discipline of daily Bible study.
  • Personal spiritual growth through individual time spent in Bible study with the content
  • Video segments that help students connect to the theme for that session and allow leaders to hear from a veteran voice in student ministry

ALSO AVAILABLE leader kit, eBook, and digital leader kit available at

Clayton King serves as a Teaching Pastor at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. In addition to his leadership role there, he spends his time traveling, preaching and speaking in churches, conferences and leadership events, as well as running Crossroads/Clayton King Ministries. He is married to Sharie, and they enjoy working, writing, and speaking together.

Sharie King married Clayton in 1999. She's the co-founder of Crossroads Summer Camps and Clayton King Ministries. Sharie blogs regularly at and hosts a podcast called Overcoming Monday. She and Clayton have two sons, Jacob and Joseph.


Sharie King, Author

King, Sharie: - Sharie King is an artist, author, and popular speaker at youth and women's conferences. She has coauthored 12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry with her husband, Clayton. Together with her pastor-evangelist husband, Sharie shares a passion to serve Christ through ministry, missions, and marriage, which she pursues by prioritizing being a wife to Clayton and a mom to their two sons.

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Clayton King, Author

King, Clayton: - Clayton King, a pastor, evangelist, missionary, and author, has been dedicated since age 14 to proclaiming the gospel and calling Christians to live out the life of Jesus. He has spoken to millions of people in 30-plus countries and written numerous books, including Dying to Live, Amazing Encounters with God, and 12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry, coauthored with his wife, Sharie. Clayton loves good books, the outdoors, strong coffee, dirt bikes and four-wheelers, and especially his wife and children.

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