Harbinger of Hope

A Startling Revelation of God's Provision for You

by Bill Johnson (Foreword by)
Compact Disc


Your Spirit Will Be Revived

Pastor Robin McMillan was praying through Psalm 91 when the Lord showed him a series of five wagons. As he asked about their significance, Robin discovered the wagons were related to Joseph's story in the book of Genesis and each wagon contained a specific, hidden message--a forerunner of hope for our time. Harbinger of Hope delivers this timely message to help us all believe once again in God's provision and goodness.

The five wagons represent:

  • Deliverance from what we deserve
  • Deliverance from criticism
  • Provision
  • Hope
  • New vision
Just as Jacob lamented the loss of his beloved son Joseph, many believers have lamented the current state of the world. And just as Jacob would one day be shocked and delighted to discover his son was still alive and well, the modern church will be encouraged by this surprising message--and be revived.


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