I Will Trust God

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Trust in the Lord and His plans for you

When God asks Hermie to build a boat but doesn t tell him why, the adventure of"Hermie and the High Seas"begins. The other garden bugs choose not to help because they are busy and don t see the need for a boat in the garden. But when the rain comes and the garden floods, all of the bugs run to Hermie s boat. Everyone in the garden has to learn to trust God, even when it doesn t make sense.

In"Who is in Charge Anyway," Freddie the flea learns from Hermie and the other bugs that God gave everyone his or her own unique gifts and talent. Some are strong, others can spin webs. But what is special about a flea? Freddie has to learn to trust that God has given him his own talents and has a special plan for him. God didn t make anybody by accident, and He s not finished with any of us yet

Features & Benefits: Two classic garden tales combined to emphasize one important lessonTrusted Hermie brand from Max Lucado that has sold more than 5.5 million unitsTeaches children important lessons about trusting God, no matter what the circumstanceFeatures a star-studded cast led by Tim Conway as Hermie



Max Lucado, Author

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