In the Name of Jesus

Exorcism among Early Christians

by GRAHAM TWELFTREE (Author)Graham H. Twelftree (Author)
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Although the Synoptic Gospels treat exorcism as a significant aspect of Jesus's ministry, other parts of the New Testament say little to nothing about exorcism. Which is more reflective of early Christian belief and practice? Graham Twelftree explores this debated issue by examining exorcism in the New Testament world and studying all relevant New Testament passages.

"Graham Twelftree has proved himself, by several top-level monographs, as the expert of the day in his cautious, meticulously detailed examination of Jesus as an exorcist and miracle worker. He now judiciously extends the examination to the early church's view and practice of exorcism from Paul through to the Greek Apostolic Fathers. There is no better, nor even comparable, treatment. This will dominate a generation of study."--Max Turner, London School of Theology

"Contemporary accounts of exorcisms abound, but there has been very little written on the practice from a rigorous biblical and historical perspective until now. In the Name of Jesus fills this gap and provides the reader with numerous helpful insights into the text of Scripture and into the practice of the church in the second century. This book is exceptionally well researched and will prove to be an indispensable source for biblical scholars as well as anyone interested in the theme of spiritual warfare. I cannot think of anyone better suited to write this volume than Dr. Twelftree."--Clinton E. Arnold, Talbot School of Theology

"For over two decades Graham Twelftree has closely studied the question of exorcism. This stimulating and graciously provocative work is essential reading for anyone working in the field."--Rikk Watts, Regent College

"In this excellent book, Graham Twelftree describes the place and practice of exorcism among the early Christians. He discusses Jesus as an exorcist, the way exorcism does or does not feature in the various strands of the New Testament, and exorcism in the second century in both Christian texts and those of their critics. His balanced and insightful scholarship will be of immense value to scholars and students alike. This book will make a major contribution to this important but comparatively neglected area of study."--Paul Trebilco, University of Otago



Graham H. Twelftree, Author

Graham H. Twelftree (PhD, University of Nottingham) is the academic dean of London School of Theology. He previously taught at Regent University in Virginia. Twelftree is the author of a number of books, including Jesus the Exorcist, Jesus the Miracle Worker, In the Name of Jesus, and Paul and the Miraculous.

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