It Happened After This ...



Ever feel like you re doing everything right, your life 's purpose is coming into focus, everything is finally coming together. Then, for seemingly no reason, everything begins to fall apart. There appears to be no hope, everything starts to crumble before your eyes. Sound familiar? Take courage, for you are not alone. This scenario has played out in numerous lives of God 's people. We will look at one such instance in the book of 2 Chronicles where the king of Judah found himself in this same situation. Trouble on every side, nowhere to turn, his destruction looked to be a fact but God. The Prayer of Jehoshaphat is a wonderful example of what to do in times of trouble. How to recover when you are doing everything right, yet still, It happened after this I left my home town with a dime in my pocket heading south. I landed in southern California and met a guy traveling to New York, we stopped in Topeka Kansas at a little mission. After hearing a sermon, you receive a meal and bed. Something happened to me as the preacher spoke telling a story I had never heard before. At the end, he asked if anyone wanted to meet this man he called Jesus, my hand went up in the air. We went into a little room and he prayed for me. That night something happened deep within my gut. The preacher returned and took me under his wing. We went out into the country as I buried my past life he said, As far as the east is from the west, that 's how far I ve removed your sins from you. I looked one way and then the other, in Kansas you can see forever. My life has not been the same.


Jt Brady, Author

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