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Central North Carolina hasn't seen much change in over 50 years but suddenly people who have been there for generations are leaving the small farming settlements-lock, stock, and barrel. When massive warehouses surrounded by metal fencing seem to go up overnight, local businesses are bought out, and more than 6,000 families establish residence in a community named Kingdom Come, the FBI begins to suspect cult activity. Agent Ben Atkins is sent to investigate, and though he does sense something major happening, he is not convinced it is sinister. In fact, as he moves in for a closer look, he begins to wonder if those on the inside of Kingdom Come are working to keep evil out. But time is running short for him to discover the truth, as unexpected enemies-law enforcement agencies, media groups, and even the church hierarchy-threaten the community's existence."


Larry Burkett, Author

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Davis Bunn, Author

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T. Davis Bunn, Author

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