Living Mission Interculturally

Faith, Culture, and the Renewal of Praxis

by Anthony J. Gittins (Author)Gerald A. Arbuckle (Foreword by)Gerald a. Arbuckle (Foreword by)


Our globalized world increasingly brings together people of many different cultures, though not always harmoniously. In recent decades, multinational companies have sought more efficient strategies for authentic" intercultural "collaboration. But in today's multicultural world-church, faith communities too from local parishes to international religious communities are faced with the challenge of" intercultural living." The social sciences have developed some constructive approaches, but people of faith also need to build their endeavors on a sound biblical and theological foundation. "Living Mission Interculturally "integrates sociology/anthropology with practical theology, reminds us that good will alone is not enough to effect change, and points to a way of intercultural living underpinned by faith, virtue, and a range of new and appropriate skills."


Anthony J. Gittins, Author

Gittins, Anthony J.: -

Anthony J. Gittins is an ordained member of the Spiritan missionary Congregation who served for a decade in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Trained in social anthropology, he subsequently taught theology and anthropology for thirty years in London and Chicago. He also worked with and among homeless women and as a hospital chaplain. Currently emeritus professor of theology and culture (Catholic Theological Union, Chicago), he offers workshops, seminars, and retreats nationally and internationally. He has written books on culture and theology, mission, spirituality, and discipleship.

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