A Practical Guide to a Spiritual Discipline



""Meditation transforms our perceptions of the world, the events of our lives, our own existence. -- Edmund P. Clowney Should Christians meditate? If so, how? In other generations the answers to these questions would have been taken for granted. Yet because of the influx of various Eastern religions with forms of meditation not based on biblical principles, Christians have shied away from this time-honored tradition. These forty daily studies are meant to assist you in searching out what the Scriptures say about meditation. You will not only learn about meditation; you will also learn how to meditate. These are meditations on meditation. Tom McCormick (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Texas) has served overseas with Wycliffe Bible Translators (Peru, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, England) and Partners International (Bolivia, Peru, India). He lives near Toronto, teaches part-time at Tyndale Theological Seminary, and serves with SIM encouraging churches to help immigrants learn English. For more than 30 years he has ministered in nursing homes and continues to help others do the same. He has recently co-authored 'Nursing Home Ministry: Where Hidden Treasures are Found'. Sharon Fish Mooney (RN, PhD, University of Rochester) lives in Ohio and teaches nursing research and gerontology on-line for Regis University, Denver, Colorado, and Indiana Wesleyan University. She is a writer and conference speaker. She has taught Parish Nursing and courses on spirituality, ritual, and healing at McMaster Divinity College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Her publications include books and articles on spiritual care, Alzheimer's disease, ministry to the aged, and worldview issues.


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