Muslims, Christians, and Jesus

Understanding the World of Islam and Overcoming the Fears That Divide Us

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Break Down Walls and Stereotypes

Growing numbers of Muslims and Christians are living or working next to each other. Still, major barriers remain. Not only do mistrust and fear get in the way, so do misunderstandings. But it doesn't have to be this way.

In this updated and expanded edition of his groundbreaking book, Carl Medearis provides new insights into the top questions people have about Muslims, Muhammad, and Islam. With practical information and even more inspiring stories, he shares culturally sensitive ways for Christians to get to know Muslims on a personal level. You will learn:

· How Islam's "Pillars of Faith" are lived out in today's world
· What Muslims think about the Bible and Jesus
· How to bring up spiritual matters in conversations
· How events in the Middle East may affect friendships in the West
· And much more

Answering tough questions about terrorism, the global refugee crisis, and other key topics, Medearis shows that focusing on common ground, rather than differences, is the key to reaching out to the Muslims around you.

"I don't know a more skilled and gracious ambassador for Jesus Christ to the Muslim world than Carl Medearis. I wish every Christian in North America would read Muslims, Christians, and Jesus. This new edition is more timely and more needed than ever!"--Brian Zahnd, author of Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God

Carl Medearis has extensive experience working and living with Muslims. A highly sought-after expert on Muslim-Christian relations, he works with leaders both in the West and in the Arab world to promote peacemaking through cultural, political, and religious dialogue. After twelve years of living in Beirut, Lebanon, Carl and his wife now split their time between Dubai and Colorado. Learn more at


Carl Medearis, Author

Thirty years of living in and traveling to the Middle East have given Carl Medearis ( a true insider's view of the region, making him one of a handful of American expert voices in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations.

Carl serves as a catalyst for a number of current movements in the Middle East that come together around the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth in order to promote peacemaking, as well as cultural, political, and religious dialogue leading toward understanding and reconciliation. He is the author of the acclaimed books on these issues: Muslims, Christians, and Jesus as well as Tea with Hezbollah, and most recently, Speaking of Jesus: the Art of Not-Evangelism.

Carl, his wife, Chris, and their three kids lived in Beirut, Lebanon, for 12 years. Through their unique and strategic approach around the Arab world, they encouraged university students, business professionals, and political leaders to live their lives by the principles and teachings of Jesus in order to change their societies and nations.

Today Carl spends much of his time working with leaders both in the Arab world and in the West with the hope of seeing the Middle East and the West experience full and fruitful relationships through Jesus of Nazareth. He is also the director of The Middle East Studies Program at William Jessup University.

Carl leads a grass-roots movement in America to reconnect with Jesus called "Simply Jesus," anchored in a yearly conference. Speakers include N. T. Wright, Philip Yancey, and Tony Campolo. Learn more at the website

Carl has spoken several times at Harvard, been the Chairman of an Arab League meeting (in Baghdad), preached in mosques, churches, and universities across the Western world, and most of all he's loved Jesus, his wife, and his three kids.

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