New Every Day

Navigating Alzheimer's with Grace and Compassion

by DAVE MEURER (Author)
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A friend on the journey of caring for someone with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's. It breaks your heart, disrupts your plans, and consumes enormous amounts of time and energy. When someone you love has Alzheimer's, you need more than just information on the disease--you need a break. You need a laugh. You need a friend by your side who knows exactly what you're facing.

Award-winning humorist Dave Meurer is that friend. New Every Day is packed with practical information--like where to look for financial help and how to get the DMV to take away the car keys so you don't take the heat for it--along with plenty of true stories from Meurer's own experiences navigating life with a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's. Here you will find both hard-earned wisdom and badly needed comic relief for your journey down this difficult road. With compassion born of experience, Meurer helps caregivers develop the ability to relax, adapt, and even laugh again.

"A heartfelt and helpful guide. This book takes some of the mystery out of this disease while giving hope, compassion, and a whole lot of grace to those on the front lines."--Martha Bolton, Emmy-nominated former staff writer for Bob Hope and author of over eighty books, including Josiah for President and The Home Game

"In a word, this book is fantastic! Dave has just the right balance of lighthearted humor when permissible, insight when needed, and valuable information throughout--all presented with charm and practicality. I loved it!"--Marilyn Meberg, author and speaker

"This book is like sitting down with a good friend, swapping stories, having a good cry, but also laughing together at some of your shared experiences. As a therapist, I highly recommend it. Laughter truly is good for the soul."--Timothy R. Holler, EdD, LPC-MHSP, cofounder, Sage Hill Counseling, Memphis, TN

Dave Meurer is the author of several nonfiction books, including Boys Will Be Joys and The Hair-Raising Joys of Raising Boys. He lives in northern California.


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Dave Meurer is an award-winning author and talented humor writer whose columns and articles are featured in major publications such as Focus on the Family, New Man, In Touch, Marriage Partnership, and HomeLife. He is a graduate of California State University at Chico and earned a dual degree in political science and information and communication studies. Dave is the dedicated husband to his wife, Dale, father of two boys, and a caregiver to his mother-in-law who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He lives in northern California where he serves as community liaison at Klamath River Renewal Corporation, undertaking the largest dam removal and river restoration project in United States history.