One Church, Four Generations

Understanding and Reaching All Ages in Your Church

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Church leaders of the twenty-first century, perhaps more than at any time in history, must reach out to a variety of groups within the church. How can worship services be modified to attract young people without driving the older members away? Is it possible for a church to have an intergenerational ministry? How can churches keep the youngest members involved?

One Church, Four Generations gives thoughtful insight into the four generations found in churches today, exploring the qualities, values, and interests of each group in relation to the historical events and social trends that have shaped them. You'll find practical suggestions for types of ministry and worship styles that will draw each generation-from the oldest generation of Builders to the youngest crowd of Bridgers. Helpful tables offer summaries of generational characteristics, common needs and concerns, and ways to reach the unchurched.

"One Church, Four Generations is at once an encyclopedia, history, and cat scan of ourselves and those around us-all in an exciting, readable, practical form. What a great resource to understand your parents, kids, yourself, and, most of all, your church!" Dr. Kent Hunter, The Church Doctor, Corrunna, Indiana

"This is essential reading. The emerging generation is particularly challenging to comprehend and to effectively engage. McIntosh provides insightful clues for discipling them." Dr. Daniel Reeves, president, Reeves Strategic Consultation

"I can think of no better introduction to generational differences than Gary McIntosh's helpful primer!" Dr. Bob Whitesel, senior editor of strategies, Today's Leader magazine

This book is an updated and expanded version of Three Generations: Riding the Waves of Change in Your Church


Gary L. McIntosh, Author

Gary L. McIntosh (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is president of the Church Growth Network and professor of Christian ministry and leadership at Talbot School of Theology. He is an internationally known speaker and church consultant who has written 25 books, including Biblical Church Growth, Beyond the First Visit, What Every Pastor Should Know, and Growing God's Church. He lives in California.

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