One Room Sunday School Leader's Guide Fall 2014

Grow Your Faith by Leaps and Bounds



One Room Sunday Leader Guide offers 13 easy-to-use session plans that can be adapted to fit the number and age level of the children who attend. Uses only basic supplies that are easy to find. Leader Guide is included in the One Room Sunday School Kit. Extra Leader Guides may be purchased separately; available in print format or as a download. Three-year Bible overview follows the Christian Year. FALL 2014 Unit 1: In the Beginning Bible Verse: Lord, you have done so many things You made them all so wisely The earth is full of your creations. Psalm 104:24 Leap of Faith: I am part of God s creation. 1. Creation Bible Story: Genesis 1:1 25 2. In God s Image Bible Story: Genesis 1:26 2:4 3. Noah Bible Story: Genesis 6-8 4. A Time for Everything Bible Story: Ecclesiastes 3:1 8 Unit 2: Beginning of God s People Bible Verse: Know that the Lord is God he made us; we belong to him. We are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Psalm 100:3 Leap of Faith: I am part of God s people 5. Abraham and Sarah Bible Story: Genesis 12:1 9 6. Isaac Is Born Bible Story: Genesis 18:1 15; 15:1 6 7. Twin Brothers Bible Story: Genesis 21:1 7; 25:19 24 8. Jacob s Ladder Bible Story: Genesis 27 28 9. Joseph and His Brothers Bible Story: Genesis 37 Unit 3: Hope for God s People Bible Verse: I know the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11 Leap of Faith: I am part of God s plan for the future. 10. Joseph in Egypt Bible Story: Genesis 39 40 11. Joseph Saves the Day Bible Story: Genesis 41 12. Reunited (Thanksgiving) Bible Story: Genesis 42 46 13. A Savior Is Coming (Micah) Bible Story: Micah 5:2 5"


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