Pray and Color

A Coloring Book and Guide to Prayer by the Best-Selling Author of Praying in Color

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This is not just another coloring book. Itis aguide to prayer foranyone who wants to connect with God by creating something visual and concrete.
Since 2007, thousands have enjoyed learning a new prayer practice calledPraying in Colorfrom Sybil MacBeth. This new coloring book and guide includes an introduction to fourteen types of prayer, along with 32 pages to color.Sybil teaches how to use thesetypes of prayer while you color:

Prayers for Others, Prayers for Yourself, Disgruntled Prayers, Gratitude Prayers, Praise Prayers, Regret Prayers, Spending-Time-With-God Prayers, Blessing Prayers, Praying for Enemies, Praying with Scripture, Praying Your To-Do List, Daily Inventory Prayers, Hodgepodge Prayers, Prayer Calendars.

Slowing down isn t easy in our culture where stimulation and constant virtual connection are the norm. If you find the transition from busyness to stillness difficult, follow Sybil to a slower, more contemplative pace through coloring as prayer and as spiritual practice.
Praise forPraying in Color
Readers of all ages, experience and religions will find this a fresh, invigorating and even exhilarating way to spend time with themselves and their Creator. Publisher's WeeklyStarred Review"


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