How is your prayer life? If it's not what you think it should be...if you find yourself thinking that there simply has to be more...you need to read Prayer, Faith, Christ and More. This is a marvelous collection of Christian thought regarding prayer, written by some of the outstanding ministerial figures of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Ministry of Intercession - A Plea For More Prayer was written in 1897 by Andrew Murray, a South African writer, teacher and Christian Pastor who was one of the leading experts of his day on prayer. How to Become Like Christ, written by Marcus Dods, gives wonderful insights into Christ's thoughts on prayer and will answer many of the questions you may have on the subject. Faith was written by Smith Wigglesworth who is often referred to as "the Apostle of Faith." Wigglesworth believed that no man ever stood so tall as when he was down on his knees in prayer. In Answer to Prayer is a most insightful group of thoughts about prayer and the prayer life, presented by ten of Britain's most influential Christian leaders of the 19th century. Prayer, Faith, Christ and More is a book that will give the mature Christian much to think about as he considers his prayer life, and help the "Baby Christian" develop his prayer life to its fullest and most satisfying as he takes his beginning steps in his Christian walk.


Smith Wigglesworth, Author

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