Praying the Promises

Anchor Your Life to Unshakable Hope

Compact Disc


Praying the Promises will explore the 30 promises in the book and be expanded to also include the topic of prayer.

Each topical section will include a key verse, a prayer, a short writing, and thoughts to reflect on with prayer prompts. Some journaling space could be included for certain prompts. The prompts will encourage readers to pray that promise for themselves, their families, their churches, their communities, and the world.

Though each section can include prompts for multiple ways to pray for the promise in readers' lives, there can also be one specific emphasis and prayer for each section. For example, the first section can have a prayer for the church to be in covenant with God--that God's people in the world today would know and realize his promises in ways that build his kingdom and bring him glory.

This will still make sense for individual readers doing the book on their own, and it will also help churches utilize this book in a Praying the Promises Challenge as they work through the campaign together. The trade book's emphasis will be on the people of the Bible and the promises of God and the hope we can have in him; the gift book will emphasize the promises and prayer.


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