Raising a Modern Frontier Boy

Directing a Film and a Life with My Son

by John Grooters (Author)Jedidiah Grooters (With)


Raise Your Boys to be Men of Faith and CourageParenting can be a wild frontier--but one you can tame if you have courage, love, and the right perspective.

"Raising a Modern Frontier Boy" is a comprehensive, firsthand, tour-guide look into the frontier of fatherhood. Written from a father "and" a son's perspective, you see both sides of parenting--what works, what didn't work, and what built an enduring friendship and collegiality that extends far beyond the parenting years.

"Raising a Modern Frontier Boy" recounts the fascinating journey of writer and director John Grooters through the parenting years with his son, Jedidiah. Their story culminates when 19-year-old Jed accepts a starring role in the feature film "The Frontier Boys, " and embodies the faith and values that he, by then, had chosen to embrace and live on his own.

Intelligent, instructive, and intriguing, "Raising a Modern Frontier Boy" will set you on an amazing path toward an enduring relationship of mutual respect and love.


John Grooters, Author

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