Redeeming How We Talk

Discover How Communication Fuels Our Growth, Shapes Our Relationships, and Changes Our Lives

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Tired of all the ranting?

These days it seems everyone has an opinion on everything whether anyone is listening or not. All our technological advances promise connection, but bullying, isolation, and discord are more prevalent than ever. Could it be that we've lost our ability to talk to each other?

Filled with insights from history, Scripture, and the authors' acute understanding of this cultural moment, Redeeming How We Talk is an invitation to stop and reflect on the words we encounter and produce every day. Ken Wytsma and A. J. Swoboda build a compelling case for the power of meaningful conversation. Learn:

  • the nature, purpose, and practice of godly speech
  • what the digital age is doing to our words
  • the power of silence, listening, and hard conversations

Talk is cheap. Make your words matter.


Ken Wytsma, Author

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A. J. Swoboda, Author

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, Author

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