Rock-A-Bye Toddlers & Twos Kit [With 4 Bible Story Picture Cards and CD (Audio) and Leader's Guide and 3 Board Books]



Rock-a-Bye Toddlers & Twos Annual Kit 2011-2012 With Rock-a-Bye Toddlers & Twos, learning Bible stories and simple Christian faith concepts literally becomes child's play This resource guides leaders and parents as they help children ages 18-36 months begin to understand simple faith concepts. The leader's guide offers ways to engage the children with Bible story activities that are appropriate for toddlers and twos and coordinate with the other resources in the annual kit. The annual kit is packaged in a tote bag and contains: Leader's Guide Resource Pak Sample set of Bible Story Picture Cards for each season Three board books (God Loves Me, Jesus Is my Friend, Church Is a Happy Place) Rock-a-Bye Lullaby CD