Secrets of the Happy Soul

Experience the Deep Delight You Were Made For

Releases: March 31, 2020
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How do some people do it? They rise above the circumstances and distractions of life and remain consistently happy. Even in tough times they have a quiet sense of peace about them. Examining the Bible and her own life, Katie Orr has discovered that deep happiness and satisfaction are only possible when we are rooted in God and pursuing his good and specific purpose for each of us.

Secrets of the Happy Soul
is your invitation into a deeper, more fruitful relationship with God and his Word. As Katie walks you through key teachings from the book of Psalms, you will recognize how the world's definition of happiness pales compared to the daily delights God has in store for you. Draw closer to him, and your soul will go from lonely to connected, from overwhelmed to level and led, from aimless to commissioned and unique. God doesn't promise a storm-free life, but he is the anchor every happy soul needs.


Katie Orr, Author

Katie Orr is passionate about equipping busy women to experience God daily. She is a gifted writer and speaker, and her innovative Bible study methods are used by thousands around the country. She is the author of seven Bible studies and contributes regularly to online and print publications, including LifeWay Voices. Katie and her husband and their three children live near Orlando, Florida. Learn more at

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