Smith Wigglesworth on Manifesting the Divine Nature

Abiding in Power Every Day of the Year



Wigglesworth Devotional

Build your faith every day of the year

This yearlong devotional is a collection of golden nuggets of truth from Smith Wigglesworth's greatest sermons and teaching.

Sit at the feet of a true general of the faith, who not only taught about the supernatural Christian life, but lived it out in integrity and power.

In fact, Wigglesworth's relationship with the Holy Spirit and demonstrations of power were so significant that he became one of the key pioneers of the Pentecostal movement and paved the way for the Charismatic renewal.

By taking this yearlong journey, you will:

  • Build your faith in God's supernatural power and learn how to exercise it
  • Unlock the keys to walking in signs, wonders and Kingdom authority
  • Experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit in your life

Get ready to increase your intimacy with the Holy Spirit and learn the secrets to releasing His power in your everyday life.


Smith Wigglesworth, Author

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