The Church

A Theological and Historical Account

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"Solid, shrewd, and most thorough, this superlative survey of God's people on earth past and present will be a boon not only for seminarians but also for many more of us besides. It is a truly outstanding performance."
--J. I. Packer, Regent College

"Here is a fresh overview of the church and its history, theology, and current challenges in today's world. Gerald Bray is an ordained evangelical Anglican, but he writes with such great sympathy and wisdom that this telling of the church's story will edify the Lord's people everywhere."
--Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University; general editor, Reformation Commentary on Scripture

"Weaving together the diverse manifestations of the Christian church over twenty centuries, this book is an ecumenical panorama of the church's interaction with high and low theology, renewal and intransigence, politics and secular culture. Bray proves to be not only irenic and charitable but also sober and sensible in his assessments. Anyone who wonders whether ecclesiology matters--or even where it came from, in all its present diversity--should read this book."
--John L. Thompson, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Comprehensive in scope, ecumenical in tone, orthodox in confession, and insightful from beginning to end, this book sets a new benchmark for textbooks on ecclesiology. Dr. Bray's warm heart for the church comes through on every page, making the book spiritually enriching as well as intellectually informative. Part history, part theology, part prescriptive wisdom from a senior churchman--this book does it all. I suspect it is destined to become the go-to classic for an overview of Protestant ecclesiology."
--Bryan Litfin, Moody Bible Institute

"I know of almost no one else who could write a book like this. Gerald Bray's unique global-mindedness and catholic awareness are put on full display in this analysis of the development of the church throughout the ages and across the continents. I fully expect that members of various Christian traditions will better understand their place in God's family by leaning into this narrative and thematic analysis."
--Michael Allen, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando


Gerald Bray, Author

Gerald Bray (DLitt, University of Paris-Sorbonne) is research professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama; distinguished professor of historical theology at Knox Theological Seminary; and director of research at Latimer Trust, Oak Hill College, London. A prolific author, he has written many books, including God Is Love, God Has Spoken, The Doctrine of God, and Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present. Bray is a minister in the Church of England and serves as editor of the Anglican journal Churchman.

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