The Fierce Urgency of Prophetic Hope



In this prophetic collection of sermons, pastor, judge, and prophet Wendell L. Griffen challenges followers of Jesus, those social justice-minded pastors, congregational leaders, religious educators, grassroots activists and advocates, and other faithful persons, to ponder these questions: What does it mean to be a "prophetic follower of Jesus"? How will lessons in Scripture and across human history inform our action in the world? How can we speak of hope in a time of deep divisiona time too often defined by racism, misogyny, materialism, militarism, religious nationalism, and xenophobia?


Wendell L. Griffen, Author

Griffen, Wendell L.: - Wendell L. Griffen, DDiv, is well-known as a lawyer, jurist, legal educator, religious leader, and public speaker. He serves as pastor of New Millennium Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and also as Circuit Judge for the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Arkansas. Dr. Griffen is the founder and CEO of Griffen Strategic Consulting which specializes in diversity and inclusion, cultural competancy, strategic planning and development, public policy and government relations, legal affairs, and litigation management. He is a member of the Board of Directors for The Christian Ethics Today Foundation and serves as a trustee of the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference. Dr. Griffen is the author of two blogs: Wendell Griffen on Cultural Competancy and Justice is a Verb! blogs.

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