The Justice Calling

Where Passion Meets Perseverance

by HOANG/JOHNSON (Author)Bethany Hanke Hoang (Author)Kristen Deede Johnson (Author)Mark Labberton (Foreword by)
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Root Your Passion for Justice in Persevering Hope
Justice requires perseverance--a deep perseverance we can't muster on our own. The world's needs are staggering and even the most passion-driven reactions, strategies, and good intentions can falter.
But we serve a God who never falters, a God who gives strength--through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit--to his people. Offering a comprehensive biblical theology of justice drawn from the whole story of Scripture, The Justice Calling invites us to know more intimately the God who loves justice and calls us to give our lives to seek the flourishing of others.
"This is a deep, wide, wise contribution to a truly comprehensive Christian understanding of justice. I can't imagine a better biblical and theological introduction to the topic of justice, combined with pastoral wisdom and the urgency that comes from direct engagement with the brokenness of our world."
--Andy Crouch, executive editor, Christianity Today; author of Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power
"I suspect that The Justice Calling will become one of those books I turn to again and again. Its message is grounded not only in a few key biblical texts but in the full story of God's people from Genesis to Revelation. Weaving biblical truth with personal experience, the authors lead us from God's glorious vision of human flourishing, through the fall and our need to lament, to Jesus's renewed call to his church, and finally to the restored vision of 'all things made new.' As one seeking to live justly in places of deep brokenness and violent conflict, I am grateful for the thread that stitches this whole book together: the possibility and promise of persevering hope."
--Lynne Hybels, advocate for global engagement, Willow Creek Community Church
"Many books on justice have appeared in recent years. Three things make this one stand out from the crowd. First, instead of quoting only a few golden nuggets from Scripture, the authors trace the theme of justice throughout Scripture. Second, they give concreteness to their discussion with harrowing true-life stories of present-day sex trafficking and slavery. And third, they explicitly address the need of those who struggle for justice, patience, lament, and hope. An important contribution."
--Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale University
"We live in a time when conversations surrounding justice have become celebrated in the church. For this, we should all be grateful. But if we're not careful, the pursuit of justice can become more about us than about responding to the heart and character of God. In The Justice Calling, Hoang and Johnson have written a resource for the church that is theologically rich, biblically faithful, and practically engaging. I'm genuinely inspired by this book and pray that it will encourage, challenge, and inspire others not only to the work of justice but also to the God of justice."
--Eugene Cho, senior pastor, Quest Church; founder, One Day's Wages; author of Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World?
"This is a powerful and timely book that shows us why the God of justice must be at the center of the justice movement in this generation. The authors have combined their years of national and global experience along with deep theological reflection to produce one of the best biblical theologies on justice that I've ever read. As an advocate for justice and racial reconciliation, I highly recommend it!"
--Brenda Salter McNeil, Seattle Pacific University; author of Roadmap to Reconciliation and A Credible Witness
"There is so much joy to be found as we follow God into his work of justice, so much strength to be gained in the Scriptures that he's given to us. The Justice Calling takes us deep into all of these gifts. As we face down the giants of injustice in the season ahead, this is a book I'd urge every follower of Jesus to dig into and carry close at hand."--Gary A. Haugen, president and CEO, International Justice Mission; author of The Locust Effect
"We often think justice is merely standing against and stopping what is wrong. It is no less than that, but it is far more. With tender passion and immense wisdom, Hoang and Johnson invite us to see that the drama of the Bible is about growing goodness as a means to thwart what is unrighteous. Their development of justice as a primary passion of God's is brilliant and breathtaking. Their personal journeys of addressing human trafficking will further open your heart to the wonder of how mercy and justice kiss in the person of Jesus Christ. This is a must-read, glorious book."
--Dan B. Allender, Seattle School of Theology and Psychology
"I've been waiting for a book that blends the depth of Scripture's call to justice with the breadth of how God is using the church today. We now have that book. While the stories of pain and injustice will haunt you, this fresh exploration of God's vision for our world will make you want to get up and do something--and invite others to join you."
--Kara Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute



Bethany Hanke Hoang, Author

Hoang, Bethany Hanke: - Bethany Hanke Hoang (MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary) engages leaders around the world with the critical connection between justice and spiritual formation. She advises and speaks on behalf of International Justice Mission (IJM) and served with IJM as director of biblical justice initiatives, such as the Global Prayer Gathering and the IJM Institute, for more than a decade. Hoang was named among "50 Women to Watch" by Christianity Today and one of "20 Women to Watch" by Catalyst. She has also been profiled for her leadership in the justice movement by Outreach and Relevant and has published Deepening the Soul for Justice. Hoang lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Kristen Deede Johnson, Author

Johnson, Kristen Deede: - Kristen Deede Johnson (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is associate professor of theology and Christian formation at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. She teaches and writes in the areas of theology, culture, formation, and political theory. Her previous publications include Theology, Political Theory, and Pluralism: Beyond Tolerance and Difference.

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