The Pursuit of God



In the introduction of The Pursuit of God, Samuel M. Zwemer says that this ..". is a book for every pastor, missionary and devout Christian. It deals with the deep things of God and the riches of His grace. Above all," says Zwemer, "it has the keynote of sincerity and humility." The Pursuit of God has become a true Christian classic. First published in 1948, the message is as new and vital and important today as it was then. If you'll look inside many of the Church bodies of today, you'll see exactly the same situation as that painted by Mr. Tozer. Upon publication, Tozer said, "This book is a modest attempt to aid God's hungry children so to find Him. Nothing here is new except in the sense that it is a discovery which my own heart has made of spiritual realities most delightful and wonderful to me."


A. W. Tozer, Author

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