The Romans Debate

by KARL DONFRIED (Author)Karl P. Donfried (Editor)
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In 1977 a collection of essays appeared that quickly became a standard for studying the purpose and occasion of Romans. Now The Romans Debate: Revised and Expanded Edition is available in a newly designed and enlarged format. Besides the original essays, the new edition includes thirteen of the most cogent, recent articles on this subject; a comprehensive bibliography; and an index.

This is not a volume for the "already decided." Spanning the spectrum of interpretation, these essays attempt to challenge opposing views, complement points of consensus, and above all contribute to our understanding of Paul's controversial letter to the Romans. In its own unique way, each of these articles compels the reader to return to the text and to listen anew to the message of Romans both for Paul's day and for ours.



Karl P. Donfried, Editor

Karl P. Donfried, an internationally recognized New Testament scholar, is professor of religion and biblical literature at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. Among Professor Donfried's many publications, the apostle Paul, with particular concentration on Romans and the Thessalonian correspondence, has been a focal point of his scholarly interest. He has served as co-chair of the Societas Studiorum Novi Testamenti's Paul Seminar and of the ecumenical team that produced Peter in the New Testament and Mary in the New Testament.