The Successful Speaker

Five Steps for Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, and Building Your Platform

by Grant Baldwin (Author)Jeff Goins (With)
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"When people ask me questions about booking more gigs, I always tell them, 'Look up Grant Baldwin. He's a genius!' Now, with this fantastic book, I can say instead, 'Have you read The Successful Speaker?' If you've got some questions about what it takes to be a consistently booked speaker, read this book, get ready to underline like crazy, and then do the steps Grant teaches."--Jon Acuff, speaker and New York Times bestselling author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done

"Grant Baldwin reveals many invisible but real struggles that are in the background of the public speaker on the stage: the travel, the preparation, the nerves, the hope that we will connect with people, and how to make all this effort pay the bills. For many, this will be a game-changer."--Michael HyattNew York Times bestselling author of Free to Focus

"The Successful Speaker is a guiding light in an industry that is often confusing and mysterious: public speaking. In five steps, Grant lays out a perfect plan for crafting your speech, getting booked, and making money. This book will be a breath of fresh air whether you've been toiling away for years or are still just dreaming of getting started."--Alli Worthington, speaker, business coach, and author of The Year of Living Happy

"People ask me every week how to be a successful speaker. I have given them many answers, but now I will simply tell them to read this book. The Successful Speaker is a textbook of practical information that will speed up the learning curve and, if implemented, will help you build a real business as a speaker. I highly recommend this book!"--Ty Bennett, keynote speaker and author of The Power of Storytelling

"I am asked almost daily 'How do I become a speaker and sustain a career?' My answer is easy: Grant. Grant offers real, actionable information to develop a long-term speaking career. These are not ideas; these are proven strategies that work for Grant and hundreds of his existing clients."--Shawn Hanks, CEO of Premiere Speakers Bureau


Grant Baldwin, Author

Grant Baldwin is the creator of the popular podcast The Speaker Lab and the online course Booked and Paid to Speak, through which he has trained more than 2,000 speakers. A popular keynote speaker and entrepreneur, he lives near Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Sheila, and their three daughters. Visit for more information.

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