The Telegram



Life couldn't get any more complicated for Charles Schultz, a young WWI veteran who is hiding out at his sister's house to escape a loveless marriage with a woman he barely knows. However, life takes an unexpected turn for Charles in the Christian fiction novel The Telegram, when he receives a telegram declaring his wife's sudden death. A single man again, Charles makes the journey back to his hometown of Guyandotte, West Virginia to relive the carefree lifestyle he had before getting married. The return home soon begins a series of flashbacks for Charles to memories of growing up in a Christian household, train hopping with best friend Otis and partaking of misadventures with his Army buddies in the early 1900s. Through it all, Charles stays strong to his Christian faith and stays close to God, through prayer, as he learns his true calling in God's plan for life.


Nancy Carter, Author

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