The Three Tasks of Leadership

Worldly Wisdom for Pastoral Leaders

by Eric O. Jacobsen (Editor)


This book unpacks business leader Max De Pree's famous definition of leadership originally given for the business world and applies it to the church. Eighteen theologians and pastors here offer essays echoing that definition. The Three Tasks of Leadership is refreshingly free of jargon, full of practical and inspirational advice, and perfect for both pastors in the field and pastors in formation. / Contributors: David Augsburger, Robert Banks, James E. Bradley, Mark Lau Branson, Sherwood Lingenfelter, Richard J. Mouw, Nancy Ortburg, Richard Peace, Charles J. Scalise, Wilbert R. Shenk, Marguerite Shuster, Siang-Yang Tan, Dennis N. Voskuil, Linda Wagener, Howard Wilson, and Walt Wright"


Eric O. Jacobsen, Editor

Jacobsen, Eric O.: - Eric O. Jacobsen is senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, Washington. His other books include Sidewalks in the Kingdom and Traditions in Leadership.