Bill and Em Johnson's insight gives you an opportunity to see more of your greater greatness in writing. Yes, you will actually see your best thoughts on paper. You'll be amazed of the pearls of wisdom you already possess and you will enjoy having this enlightening "You-on-You" time Because we all act on the dominate thoughts of their mind, the good news is you pick the thoughts. Some folks don't realize they mix 'non-positive thoughts' with their 'positive thoughts' thus, blocking their way to achieving the desires of their heart. "We all possess obstructed talents, unhatched potentiality, ideas, impulses and revelations or "brainstormers" which have never been given a chance to materialize. These and many more traits are very much a permanent part of you, waiting in your subconscious for the proper nourishment to grow." -Bjorn Secher. (1971) The thoughts brought forth in Bill and Em's books have changed the lives of countless folks of all ages and educational backgrounds by giving them more self confidence, hope, fun, friends, freedom, faith, patience, prosperity, personality and peace of mind. Bill and Em are authors of the two other famous books; "THIS HAPPINESS THAT NEVER WEARS OUT, no matter what happens" and "THE SUCCESS SYSTEM THAT NEVER FAILS." WWW.1DOITNOW.COM


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