Twilight's Last Gleaming

How America's Last Days Can Be Your Best Days

by Robert Jeffress (Author)Robert Jeffress (Narrated by)
Compact Disc


As the sun sets on a once-great nation, American Christians face a vital question: what now? It s evening in America. The remarkable society whose light once shone as a beacon to the world is dimming. This is the sobering assessment of Robert Jeffress in Twilight s Last Gleaming, yet he brings with that diagnosis a remarkably redemptive and hopefilled prescription for American believers. It s a timely message. Rarely in U.S. history have Christians been more discouraged and fearful about our country s future. Now Dr. Jeffress points a way out of this malaise, calling believers to action not to restore a fading empire s glory, but to make an eternal impact on millions of eternal souls. With a foreword by Governor Mike Huckabee, here is a bold roadmap to guide your attitudes and actions in these volatile last days.



Robert Jeffress, Author

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