Who Is My Neighbor VBS Starter Kit

by Herald (Author)


Who is my neighbor? Neighbors are more than people who live next door. Neighbors are more than people in our families or communities. Through five carefully chosen Bible stories, Who Is My Neighbor VBS leads children on a journey to discover more about God’s great love. From looking at how to be a neighbor to diving into what it means to live out our faith, this interactive VBS series will lead children deeply into Bible stories focused on God’s care and compassion for neighbors close at hand and around the world. Join us as we discover neighbors near and far!

The Who Is My Neighbor VBS starter kit from Herald Press comes with everything you need to inspire children to become God’s hands and feet in their neighborhoods and world. Each day’s story and theme are rooted in the Bible and help concepts about sharing kindness, extending compassion, and doing justice come to life in age-appropriate ways. Experiences include active dramas, playing games, making crafts, sharing snacks, and other whimsical activities.

Buy the boxed set and save! [VBS Box] Who Is My Neighbor may be ordered in an all-in-one boxed set including everything needed for planning and preparation.

Who Is My Neighbor starter kit includes: Two copies of: Director Guide, Worship and Drama Guide, Active Response Guide, Bible Response Guide, Creative Response Guide, Early Childhood Leader Guide, invitation poster One copy of: Leader Resource CD, Early Childhood student book, grade K–5 student book, invitation postcard, Bible memory poster, student participation certificate

All of the items in the boxed set are also available to order separately.


Herald, Author