Why Science and Faith Need Each Other

Eight Shared Values That Move Us beyond Fear

by Elaine Howard Ecklund (Author)
Releases: May 19, 2020
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Why You Don't Have to Choose between Science and Faith

"Ecklund's world-class research sheds light on the views of scientists and people of faith. Now this handy book brings together her scholarly insights and personal stories, showing how science and Christianity intersect in constructive, even beautiful ways. Perfect for pastors, campus ministers, scientists who are Christians, and small group discussion."
--Deborah Haarsma, astronomer; president of BioLogos

"As a leader of a faith community, I wish every one of my parishioners would read this book and take it to heart. I highly recommend it!"
--Tom Nelson, senior pastor, Christ Community Church; president, Made to Flourish; author of Work Matters and The Economics of Neighborly Love

"Ecklund has written a thoughtful and spirited treatise. She just might be the Brené Brown of the science and faith world."
--Juanita Rasmus, senior pastor of St. John's Church, Houston, Texas; author of Learning to Be

"Ecklund, a world-class scholar in the sociology of science and religion, has given a gift to those who see science and Christian faith as mutually enhancing. Ecklund shows us how to live out key virtues for effectively integrating faith and science. I highly recommend this thoughtful and beautiful book!"
--Greg Cootsona, Chico State University; co-director of Science for the Church; author of Mere Science and Christian Faith

"What a timely and excellent book! The science-faith conversation is not new, but Ecklund's perspective on it is fresh, important, and a must-read. This book goes well beyond the data of the science-faith conversation and offers an image of thoughtful and reflective Christian faith."
--Praveen Sethupathy, Center for Vertebrate Genomics, Cornell University

"Ecklund's passion for the 'ministry of science' is palpable throughout. She helps us see how faith and science are not opposing forces. A timely book--one for which I am deeply grateful."
--Korie Edwards, Ohio State University


Elaine Howard Ecklund, Author

Elaine Howard Ecklund (PhD, Cornell University) is professor of sociology at Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she holds the Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences. Ecklund has written five books, including Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think and Religion vs. Science: What Religious People Really Think (authored with Christopher P. Scheitle). In 2010, Science vs. Religion was named a "Book of the Week" by Times Higher Education and the "Book of the Year" on religion by HuffPost. She has also authored over seventy research articles and her research is frequently cited by US and international media. Ecklund was named as one of "50 Women to Watch" by Christianity Today and has been featured in venues such as NPR, the Washington Post, USA Today, the National Association of Evangelicals, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, BioLogos, Religion News Service, and HuffPost. In 2018, she gave the Gifford Lecture at the University of Edinburgh and from 2018-19 served as president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. Ecklund is passionate about using research on religion to build common ground for the common good and, to that end, she founded the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University in 2010. She speaks regularly at churches about the intersection of science and spirituality.

, Author

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