You Don't Cry Out Loud

The Lily Isaacs Story

by Lily Isaac (Author)Lily Isaacs (Author)Shawn Smucker (With)


A powerful, unforgettable account of Christ's grace, mercy, and His work in their lives

A talented daughter of Holocaust survivors, Lily Isaacs is a woman who has felt pain and loss, and found the incomparable joy of a life with Jesus Christ. As a new Christian believer, she became estranged from her Jewish parents because of her faith, yet she never walked alone, always clinging to the hope she found in Christ. Throughout her music and that of her children, who together form the beloved and multi-award winning group The Isaacs, you hear the resonating inspirational legacy of this family's faith journey.

An autobiographical look at Lily's life, from being a Jewish folk singer to serving as vocalist and matriarch of The Isaacs

The powerful account of her struggle with a once unknown faith and how she finally "cried her way to God from the church's back pew"

The incredible insights behind heartbreaking moments which were her greatest opportunities of faith.


Lily Isaac, Author

Lily Isaacs, Author

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