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How Do You Know You're Not Wrong?: Responding To Objections That Leave Chri

How Do You Know You're Not...


Peacemaker, The, 3rd ed.

Peacemaker, The, 3rd ed.


Baker Handbook of Single Adult Ministry

Baker Handbook of Single...


Bones of Contention, rev. and updated ed.

Bones of Contention, rev....


Holy Invitations: Exploring Spiritual Direction

Holy Invitations


Easy-to-Use Sermon Outlines (Sermon Outline Series)

Easy-to-Use Sermon Outlines...


Ancient-Future Evangelism: Making Your Church a Faith-Forming Community

Ancient-Future Evangelism


750 Engaging Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers

750 Engaging Illustrations...


Job (Teach the Text Commentary Series)

Job (Teach the Text...


Models for Biblical Preaching: Expository Sermons from the Old Testament

Models for Biblical Preaching


Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home



Fieldwork in Theology: Exploring the Social Context of God's Work in the Wo

Fieldwork in Theology


Bondage of the Will, The

Bondage of the Will, The


Introducing Apologetics: Cultivating Christian Commitment

Introducing Apologetics


Introducing World Missions: A Biblical, Historical, and Practical Survey (E

Introducing World Missions


Baker Pocket Guide to New Religions

Baker Pocket Guide to New...


Free for All: Rediscovering the Bible in Community (emersion: Emergent Vill

Free for All: Rediscovering...


mY Generation: A Real Journey of Change and Hope

mY Generation


7 Truths That Changed the World: Discovering Christianity's Most Dangerous

7 Truths That Changed the...


Words of Delight, 2d ed.

Words of Delight, 2d ed.


Preaching (paper)

Preaching (paper)


Mind and the Machine, The

Mind and the Machine, The


Here I Walk: A Thousand Miles on Foot to Rome with Martin Luther

Here I Walk


Cross-Shattered Christ: Meditations on the Seven Last Words

Cross-Shattered Christ


Just Politics: A Guide for Christian Engagement

Just Politics


2 Samuel (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible)

2 Samuel (Brazos...





Speaking of Dying: Recovering the Church's Voice in the Face of Death

Speaking of Dying


Educating All God's Children: What Christians Can--and Should--Do to Improv

Educating All God's Children


Can We Still Believe the Bible?: An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporar

Can We Still Believe the...