New Testament Studies

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Overcoming the Enemy: The Spiritual Warfare of the Believer

Overcoming the Enemy

October 01, 2003


The Jesus Story: Everything That Happens in the New Testament in Plain English

The Jesus Story

October 15, 2013


The Promises of Grace: Living in the Grip of God's Love

The Promises of Grace

May 01, 2001




April 01, 1989


The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries: From the Early Church to John Paul II

The Sermon on the Mount...

October 01, 2007


The Rapture Question Answered: Plain and Simple

The Rapture Question Answered

May 01, 1997


Paul: Apostle to All the Nations


January 01, 2011


Women of the Gospels: Friends and Disciples of Jesus

Women of the Gospels

January 01, 2011


The Lost Letters of Pergamum: A Story from the New Testament World

The Lost Letters of Pergamum

April 19, 2016


Exegetical Gems from Biblical Greek: A Refreshing Guide to Grammar and Interpretation

Exegetical Gems from...

July 16, 2019


Participating in Christ: Explorations in Paul's Theology and Spirituality

Participating in Christ

September 17, 2019


The State of New Testament Studies: A Survey of Recent Research

The State of New Testament...

November 05, 2019


Intermediate Greek Grammar: Syntax for Students of the New Testament

Intermediate Greek Grammar

August 16, 2016


Jesus the God-Man: The Unity and Diversity of the Gospel Portrayals

Jesus the God-Man

June 21, 2016


The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation

The Parables

March 01, 2008


Encountering the Book of Hebrews: An Exposition

Encountering the Book of...

August 01, 2002


Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World

Seven Events That Shaped...

February 15, 2013


Paul the Jewish Theologian: A Pharisee among Christians, Jews, and Gentiles

Paul the Jewish Theologian

September 01, 1995


Gospel and Spirit: Issues in New Testament Hermeneutics

Gospel and Spirit

October 01, 1991


The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction

The New Testament

November 15, 2012


Preaching the Parables: From Responsible Interpretation to Powerful Proclamation

Preaching the Parables

July 01, 2004


The Jesus Legend: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition

The Jesus Legend

August 01, 2007


Paul: His Life and Teaching


January 01, 2007




December 01, 2008


Jerusalem to Rome: Studies in the Book of Acts

Jerusalem to Rome

July 01, 1974


Archaeology and the New Testament

Archaeology and the New...

February 01, 2008


Christianity in the Greco-Roman World: A Narrative Introduction

Christianity in the...

January 01, 2010


Journeying through Acts: A Literary-Cultural Reading

Journeying through Acts

July 01, 2004


Synopsis of the Pauline Letters in Greek and English

Synopsis of the Pauline...

November 01, 2010


Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?: A Narrative Approach to the Problem of Pauline Christianity

Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?

January 01, 2012