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Windows to Heaven: Introducing Icons to Protestants and Catholics

Windows to Heaven

February 01, 2005


God's Many-Splendored Image: Theological Anthropology for Christian Formation

God's Many-Splendored Image

June 01, 2010


The Orthodox Reality: Culture, Theology, and Ethics in the Modern World

The Orthodox Reality

November 06, 2018


Partakers of the Divine Nature: The History and Development of Deification in the Christian Traditions

Partakers of the Divine Nature

February 01, 2008


Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives


October 01, 2008


Suffering and Evil in Early Christian Thought

Suffering and Evil in Early...

November 15, 2016


Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

October 01, 2003


The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church

The Holy Trinity in the...

November 18, 2014


Putting Joy Into Practice: Seven Ways to Lift Your Spirit from the Early Church

Putting Joy Into Practice

April 16, 2019


Welcome to the Orthodox Church: An Introduction to Eastern Christianity

Welcome to the Orthodox Church

April 01, 2015


Orthodox Study Bible-OE-With Some NKJV

Orthodox Study...

February 26, 2008


The Jesus Prayer: The Ancient Desert Prayer That Tunes the Heart to God

The Jesus Prayer

November 01, 2009


Prayer Spa: Ancient Treatments for the Modern Soul

Prayer Spa

April 30, 2019


Icons: The Essential Collection


October 01, 2016


The Way of a Pilgrim

The Way of a Pilgrim

February 29, 2008


"Whatever, God": Rediscovering the One I Thought I Knew

"Whatever, God"

October 31, 2017


The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami?

The Doors of the Sea

March 15, 2011


Short Trip to the Edge: A Pilgrimage to Prayer (New Edition)

Short Trip to the Edge

March 01, 2016


Maternal Body: A Theology of Incarnation from the Christian East

Maternal Body

May 28, 2019


Gospel of Mark: The Suffering Servant

Gospel of Mark

August 01, 2004


Mary as the Early Christians Knew Her: The Mother of Jesus in Three Ancient Texts

Mary as the Early...

February 01, 2013


Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells

Thirsting for God

April 01, 2003


The Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Spirituality

The Mountain of Silence

November 19, 2002


Faith of the Early Fathers: Three-Volume Set

Faith of the Early Fathers

June 01, 1979


The Way of a Pilgrim: And the Pilgrim Continues His Way

The Way of a Pilgrim

January 05, 2010


The Philokalia, Volume 4: The Complete Text; Compiled by St. Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain & St. Markarios of Corinth

The Philokalia, Volume 4

January 31, 1999


Inner Step Toward God: Writings and Teachings on Prayer

Inner Step Toward God

March 01, 2014


Mother Maria Skobtsova: Essential Writings

Mother Maria Skobtsova

October 01, 2002


Bread & Water, Wine & Oil: An Orthodox Christian Experience of God

Bread & Water, Wine & Oil

October 01, 2007


Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology

Introducing Eastern...

October 11, 2013